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 Dark Dream (extended)  click here to download the Guitar Pro file  83 hits   [GP5]
   Author: Millett, Jonathan
   Tabber: Kjarkas
   I added a sections in the middle as well as a harmonics part for guitar and bass. Hopefully this will add more meat to the piece. Enjoy. Comments welcome.
   1 vote(s)/comment(s)

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Posted 02/22/08 11:43 by License Plate
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Heh I love it when i do things like this. After having waiting for the 6x repeat ending to end and the final chord, I let out a small fart like the length of an eighth note.

Anyway re: the song its a cool song. I think it may have been better if i wasn't looking at the actual score to it as I think the repeats killed it for me. They're reasonable just not really fun to watch on a score I guess for me. Also you could probably work on better transitions from x to x ' etc.

I think you could of done a bit more work with the keyboard instead of just giving it an ambient role. I just kept on thinking dream theater pre-rudess keyboard lines. I apologize for yet another dream theater example :. But a bit more interaction w/ the keyboard.

Loved the selection of drums for the piece and the guitar lines were great. I'd give it a 4.0 overall


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